Amendment to Introduction

So, our “editor”, Gordon, in his introduction painted a picture that I would mostly agree with as accurate but he left some things out and as any tradesman dealing in the truth will tell you: what you leave out is as important as what you put in. Besides, we all have the password to this blog and, therefore, the ability to publish whatever we want no matter his insistence that we email him the post first as he is the “editor”.

He followed through with my suggestions but forgot one important qualifier: this blog will not function as a journal. It is not some sad collection of meticulous descriptions of our daily functions. (We understand you have porn to look at and Facebook to peruse) We spend TIME doing this. Hours that could be spent drinking or anything else fun. This is not plunking semen into a womb and crossing your fingers, seeing what comes of it 9 months later. Nope. As Gordon so artfully wrote in the header  of our site: these are to be the finest handcrafted rants, soliloquies, and collection’s of gibberish this side of the Mississippi.

That’s all I have to say about that.


(Drugs and Culture)


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