The plan was to write something amazing or, at least, mildly entertaining -you know, engage the audience from the first sentence, give them a reason to continue reading– intertwine that with a witty description of what this blog is all about, conclude with a list of who this blog is FOR and call it an introduction. Like most plans, it failed before it could be put into action. That’s because there is an infinite list of bad ideas in this world and hardly a handful of good ones. If we’re talkin numbers the odds are it is stupid or wrong, but that’s a topic for another day.

The truth is: there is no plan. And never was one. The preceding paragraph describes a template for a plan, not a plan itself. It was a fine idea, acceptable from all angles, but I do not possess the requisite information to fill in that template. For example, I do not know the intended purpose of this blog. After corresponding with a few supposed future contributors, and even the guy who came up with the idea, it was clear that nothing was clear. No coherent ideology or purpose was emerging. Shit, individually not one of us could state something concrete that we could “contribute”. The only common thread to be found was a very real sense of desperation. To varying degrees, each of us had found that our past ideas and behaviors were wrong, stupid, or at the very least, ineffectual. It was time to quit flailing about and try something new and this endeavor seemed free and involved no physical labor or jail time. AND if we are to fail the failure will not be our own. We will fail together or turn on one another in blame.

As losers we are the personification of failure. And I imagine we will each “write what we know”. So that should give you a general sense of direction that this blog will take. This is vague, I know… As I said before: these writings are not FOR any group of people in particular but if we WERE to be shepherds of a sort, I imagine we would tend best to a flock of demented losers. The best answer I can come up with to the question: who is this FOR? is a list of the types of losers I would hope to make up my audience (even if they had to use up their daily allotment of internet time at the public library). Including but not limited to:

failed musicians, barflys, day drunks, DUIcyclers, homebums, wing-nuts, the institutionalized, queers, jailbirds, terminal junkies, garbage eaters, bridge dwellers, gingers, probationers, parolees, cat people, layabouts, Scope-drinkers, loafers, hobos, idlers, kitchen workers, rustbelt captives, the transient, laborers, factory drones, couch surfers, atheists, agnostics, dreamers, punks, lot-lizards, public urinators, minimum wage magicians, dropouts, and ne’er-do-wells of every variety. And when I say “loser” I use it as a term of endearment. These are my people. That being said, I appreciate “winners” as well. I generally like, and sometimes admire, those who accomplish things. I just don’t have much experience with them and have no patience for when they get uppity. No. We are all flesh and blood and in that lies our inherent weakness. So, yes, all are welcome. There is room for everyone.

Gordon M.

(Editor in Chief)


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