spring Ohio

when the thaw creeps in


a slow moving line

it is


to shake off the whiskey


and hack up a thousand 



stumble out into the world.

call in sick and decline the overtime


your hangovers


the part-time sun.


put on their bright colors

and their lycra suits

as the sky opens



startle hibernating muscles


a bike ride

or a stroll in

the park


just open the windows


the novelty wears off


the air-condition is turned on.


(Drugs and Culture)


4 responses to “spring Ohio

  • Trip Fantastic

    This is great. It makes me feel that we shouldn’t have a Spring to fuck up.


  • Gordon (RoughTradeEditor)

    AM: Thank you. I appreciate that. But I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “shouldn’t have a Spring to fuck up”? I read it as: shouldn’t have a Spring to waste… Is that what you meant?


    • Anonymous

      Yes. Definitely what I meant. ‘Waste’ seems to remove the fault, like it’s inevitable to happen because modern life moves so fast. But somehow we manage to fill it up with activities and still miss it, like you much more eloquently seem to observe. Seems we’re always activitying up all the spaces and still failing to be there. I mostly take the lesser view of human ritualism. I’m in New York and spring is really short these years. I’m bound to waste a few more before I can say that I experienced its fever. Not for lack of trying. Maybe I’ll get to go antiquing before this summer comes.


      • Gordon (RoughTradeEditor)

        I know the feeling. It’s what I was aiming for: how we bitch about the winter and pray for Spring to come, but within a short time we’re finding new things to bitch about i.e. the rain, mosquitoes, heat, having to mow the lawn, etc… I too am still learning how to slow down and actually ENJOY something. Writing poetry is just an attempt to “recapture” feelings or dissect and figure out what I really am feeling. I think writing poetry is an indicator that a person feels a little disconnected, at least, with whatever his chosen subject may be. It’s ironic that to be able to have the perspective needed to write decent poetry you cannot lose yourself in the experience. The objectivity of observation implies a certain amount of alienation. And where are you in New York? I have a loved one in between Rochester and Buffalo.


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