long way from hell: a study in to-do lists

To Do (Spring 2012):

-wake up

-get money (steal/beg?)

-call dope dealer

-buy dope

-find vein

-shoot dope


-get money (steal)

-call dope dealer

-find vein

-shoot dope


-crack (?) (if yes: more dope)

-avoid arrest


To Do (Spring 2015):

-call in sick (tell em it’s personal / you’d rather not say…)

-drink:  1.cup of kratom (immediately)

2.cup of coffee (on toilet)

3.ONE beer (in shower)

-turn off:  1.phone



-leave: 1.the dirty dishes in the sink

2.the broom in the closet

-pet cats / listen to their purr (minimum 1 hour)

-absolutely no clothes until you leave the house

-take a walk (no destination)

-library (flirt with librarian)

-don’t go:  1.church



4.AA meeting

-befriend an old man

-no more lists

-drink NyQuil (off-brand)

          -sleep (windows open)

               -dream (of her)


(Drugs and Culture)


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