Rough Trade was created as a medium for (currently 3) chosen contributors to publish their sometimes socially unacceptable musings under relative anonymity. Each contributor has their own reasons for working anonymously:

Gordon Miller, the Rough Trade editor, is a freewheeling man. Currently, he lives a transient existence and has no geographical “home.” He recently became aware that his excess of free time was leading to an inordinate amount of poor life choices. He accepted the volunteer position of editor as a means of providing a mooring to his wayward life. Now, almost daily, he must search out the public library of whatever municipality he is currently loitering through to log in to his email and “edit” whatever garbage his contributors are trying to pass off as worthwhile for publication.

Dennis Hatherly (Politics and Military) has long awaited an opportunity to shit down the throat of his former employer, the U.S. military. His open-mindedness and intelligence are rare traits amongst the current and former military community and have given him a unique insight into the hypocrisy, corruption, vice, and idiocy endemic in all branches of said community. He wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. He is our newest contributor and a welcome addition.

AM (Drugs and Culture) was also once a freewheeling man. A recent conviction, incarceration, and subsequent placement under “community control” has left him stranded in the state and county of his conviction. Without aimless wanderings and drug consumption to fill his free time he has turned to writing as a means of expression and substitute for the meaning often found by modern man in career-based employment. However, he wishes to stay anonymous for he does not want his probation officer or future employers to witness the continued degradation of his soul as already evidenced by his shoddy work history and felony convictions.

You’ve been warned,

Gordon Miller

(Editor in Chief)


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