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1: Pink Slipped

There isn’t much to do here.

Activities are limited to

clicking at the t.v.

and becoming intimate with

one’s misery.

So Continue reading


Missed (Non) Connections

You approached me.

Or I approached you.

Who knows?

As these things often go:

there was at least a moderate level

of drunkenness involved. Continue reading

Poem # 1,2,3,4 I Don’t Like You (Curmudgeon Song)

i am what and where you are

when you fall out of a dream

into an everyday


you have to steal your first foot


through a world full of C.O.’s,

everyone out

for themselves,

still they insist on shaking hands,

with their mustache smiles,

flat-top faces,

eyes that perceive only


guffawing as they drag your broken body Continue reading

contemplation of a drive-by

i had just drunk Nyquil

in preparation for sleep

when i heard what sounded like

someone taking a baseball bat to aluminum


whap. whap. whap. whap.

what the hell are these little bastards

up to now? I thought Continue reading

Classifieds: Employment: Your Only Qualifications

Wanted: Professional Deliverance Stewards, Emancipation Brokers, Remission Emissaries, Reclamation Laborers, and Salvation Handlers

We are a consulting firm

specializing in assisting

current fuck-ups,

who are fucked-up,

and actively fucking-up,

get themselves



the shit-holes

they have hustled themselves

into. Continue reading

well, here i am right where i started (and happy to be here)

i’m a lightly feathered 8 year-old version of


i speak



everyone else

has forgotten,

i trace


outlines of my soul



smashed to the end

of a wiffle-bat. Continue reading

long way from hell: a study in to-do lists

To Do (Spring 2012):

-wake up

-get money (steal/beg?)

-call dope dealer

-buy dope

-find vein

-shoot dope Continue reading

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