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1: Pink Slipped

There isn’t much to do here.

Activities are limited to

clicking at the t.v.

and becoming intimate with

one’s misery.

So Continue reading


long way from hell: a study in to-do lists

To Do (Spring 2012):

-wake up

-get money (steal/beg?)

-call dope dealer

-buy dope

-find vein

-shoot dope Continue reading

Tending the Fires

To change a behavior you have to change the thinking behind it. More specifically:  the attitude you hold towards that behavior or the emotion that comes to mind when you think of engaging in an activity. This is something that “recovering” drug addicts commonly work on. When you think of doing your drug of choice, instead of letting your mouth water at the thought of how good it would feel, you try your best to apply the brakes and think of the reality of the aftermath: i.e. how much shit you will fuck up. Continue reading

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