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Missed (Non) Connections

You approached me.

Or I approached you.

Who knows?

As these things often go:

there was at least a moderate level

of drunkenness involved. Continue reading


well, here i am right where i started (and happy to be here)

i’m a lightly feathered 8 year-old version of


i speak



everyone else

has forgotten,

i trace


outlines of my soul



smashed to the end

of a wiffle-bat. Continue reading

The Attitudinal Problems Associated with Being a Realist

Riding hangovers out over days

not worth revisiting

let alone

having lived in the first place. Continue reading

Amendment to Introduction

So, our “editor”, Gordon, in his introduction painted a picture that I would mostly agree with as accurate but he left some things out and as any tradesman dealing in the truth will tell you: Continue reading

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